Growing A Greener Outer Banks NC

April 3, 2010

April’s GREEN Action Tips

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LESS IS MORE – Outdoor Watering

Reduce Wasted Water

Did You Know?

· Outdoor water use can account for up to 50% of total water use for a home during the summer months.

· Homes with automated irrigation systems are more likely to overuse outdoor water (i.e. wasted water running down sidewalk).

· Over irrigation can damage plants or make them unhealthy.

· Over-watered plants are more susceptible to disease and pest infestation.
(Personally, I have killed more plants from over-watering than under-watering.)

What You Can Do:

·  Mulch – Mulch holds moisture in the soil and prevents evaporation from soil surface. Fine-textured mulches (pine straw, mini nuggets, shredded hardwood) are more effective in conserving moisture than coarse-textured mulch. Apply to as large an area under the plant as possible. Consider putting 2-3 sheets of newspaper under mulch for added water retention.

·  Deep Watering – Shallow frequent watering encourages a weak root system and reduces plant tolerance of drought.

·  Water Roots, not Leaves – Wetting the foliage encourages diseases and results in water loss through evaporation.

·  Hand-water newly planted trees, shrubs, and thirstier plants. Again, deep watering is the best way to encourage strong root system and drought tolerance.

·  Use Drip, Trickle or Soaker Hose – Drip irrigation uses 50% less water than conventional sprinkler irrigation and applies water slowly and directly to root system.

·  Use the Timer and Install a Rain Sensor on Irrigation System – Rain Sensors are inexpensive extras that usually pay for themselves (in water savings) within 2 years.

·  Adjust Irrigation Controller – according to change in seasons and rainfall.

·  Depend on rainfall as main outdoor water source when possible.


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