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June 10, 2010

Is there a sensible solution to the BP oil spill catastrophe?

Is there a sensible solution to the BP oil spill catastrophe?  Perhaps there is.  The video link below will take you to an amazingly simple way to absorb the oil while cleaning up the mess with all natural materials.   It seems all the tools are readily available, inexpensive and easy to use.   

OK, I know this sounds crazy.  The government doesn’t do simple, easy or cheap; usually the chosen solutions are complicated, difficult to administer and expensive.  I mean, Kevin Costner’s invention from Water World?  Really?  It wasn’t even a good movie!

If, after you view this video, you feel a glimmer of hope, please pass it on to everyone you know plus your government representatives.  Perhaps the EPA guys will see it on twitter!!

Hey, it is worth a try before the oil gets to the Outer Banks and ruins our pristine coastline, not to mention our economy.  Talk about beach closings, this could be the daddy of them all.

See the cool solution here.  And thanks for helping.  Maybe we can save some wildlife before they need that bath with Dawn!


March 29, 2010

Fresh Produce…What Is And What Is Not Safe

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Recently I found two lists of fruits and vegetables; The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15.  What was interesting to me was finding 15 different produce items that do not necessarily need to be grown organically in order to be safe for consumption.  They are the lowest in pesticide residue, not free of pesticides.  I thought that was a positive approach to safe food choices, especially in today’s economy.  Organic is typically more expensive (and worth it) but why not also choose to save a little money from time to time without the worry about your or your family’s health being compromised?

Here are the two lists along with a link to more information.

Clean 15 (Lowest In Pesticides)       The Dirty Dozen (Buy Organic)

1.  Onion                                                                                       1.  Peach

2.  Avocado                                                                                   2.  Apple

3.  Sweet Corn                                                                             3.  Bell Pepper

4.  Pineapple                                                                                4.  Celery

5.  Mango                                                                                     5.  Nectarine

6.  Asparagus                                                                               6.  Strawberries

7. Sweet Peas                                                                              7.  Cherries

8.  Kiwi                                                                                         8.  Kale

9.  Cabbage                                                                                 9.  Lettuce

10. Eggplant                                                                                10. Grapes (Imported)

11. Papaya                                                                                  11. Carrot

12. Watermelon                                                                           12. Pear

13. Broccoli

14. Tomato

15. Sweet Potato

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